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There’s an analogy on philanthropy: You can give a man a fish and he can eat for a day but it is better to teach the man to fish so he may eat for a lifetime. But what about the man who is fishing with little more than string and hook? Giving that man a lure, bait, or a rod would be massively beneficial to their achievement. That in essence is what Mission of Hope aims to accomplish.

Who we are: The Mission of Hope – Philippines is a not for profit entity that garners donations in order to supply college level working students with needed sponsorships, scholarships, school supplies and basic living essentials. These are not simply blind transactions however. The Mission of Hope team personally travels to the Philippines in order to meet and interact with the working student population fostering deep connections and relationships that have proven to last for years.

Who we serve: As the world has progressed scholastically, the importance of education cannot be overstated. Following this ideal, Mission of Hope- Philippines currently serves the working student population at Adventist University of the Philippines and the Central Philippine Adventist College.  These students work tirelessly in their labor, some of which exceeds 65 hours during the week, in order to continue their scholastic education at the university with the ultimate goal of bettering themselves and their futures.  Due to the pay per credit hour system, these students exceed the traditional 4 year program but are no less committed to finishing their respective programs and getting their degree. Mission of Hope harnesses this desire for education and aims to supply the necessary financial inputs as the will and desire for education clearly resides in these working students.

How we operate: The Mission of Hope collects monetary donations and materials and utilizes these donations in order to distribute scholarships and necessary supplies to the working student population. Each scholarship is deposited directly into the students verified school account through which the student can utilize the funds solely for school enterprises such as paying tuition and fees. Donated school supplies are also distributed directly to the working students to ensure good and proper use. Mission of Hope prides itself on transparent accountability measures and provides all scholarship donators with receipts as well as relevant scholarship recipient information.

What we do:

Student Sponsorships (paying for a student’s needs) – mission of hope facilitates  student sponsorship covering  tuition, fees, uniforms, living expenses, food and school supplies.

Scholarships– Mission of hope provides scholarships both full and partial to working students on a semester basis. ,

School Supply Donation (pencils, paper, notebooks, backpacks) – standard and necessary school supplies are given to all working students in order to lessen their financial burden.

Personal Care Item Donations– providing every day basic personal care items like: Soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, deoderant, detergent, shampoo.

Mentoring, providing encouragement, love, and hope so that believe in themselves and have the drive to finish their studies.


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  1. Samuel Villanueva

    Your story of benevolence to the working students of AUP greatly touches anyone reading this. Your magnanimous willingness to help these students tug at my heart strings and I am compelled to help whatever I can. I will be sending my fair share.

    God bless your team.

    Sam Villanueva


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